Friday, May 4, 2012


I haven't blog for awhile. Just dropping a little note. I'm doing well, I think. Saw the doctor on 4/17/12. Every thing looked good. C-scan and x-ray were cleared. Doctor stated that if I stay cancer free for the next two years, more then likely the cancer will not come back. Inshallah. I have to see the doctor every three months, with a c-scan done every 6 months.
My hair is growing back. Of course I'm growing grey hairs on my face first. That was one thing I enjoyed about being hairless - no beard (lol).
My diet is not going well. I'm eating everything I shouldn't. I'm going to make out a diet plan and start following it.
All praises due to Allah, for another day!
(I just want to celebrate another day of living! Yay, yay)

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