Monday, April 9, 2012


Well my last chemo session was done on 03/27/12. It was the last one. I reacted badly to one of the chemo drugs. Go figure. Never reacted  to any of the drugs till then (about a half an hour before it was all done). I was chilling in my private room at the main hospital. Looking at TV; started to feel a little sick. NO, I couldn't be getting sick. At one point I felt like someone had grab me by both arms and my hips. Yeah I was reacting to the chemo. Call the nurse. The nurse did say the most people  react by the 6th session to crisplatin. They didn't give me the rest of it. I took off the whole week from 04/02/12 to 04/06/12. I needed to rest. During the whole Chemo, I've gone to work. Suffering thru the aches and pains. Since this was the last time(inshallah) I decided to just take a break and rest. It was a good week.
Now the hard work starts. I need to improve my diet, exercise, and all that good stuff. I made some improvement since the operation but not enough to keep me cancer free.

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