Sunday, February 19, 2012


Day 2 after chemoday my body starts to ache. Day 3 it's a little worse( I really got sick Friday, at work.). But the BIG achy day is the the fourth day after chemoday. The way my schedule is set up, if I have chemo on  Tuesday, I going to be a mess on Saturday. Boy did  my legs hurt, ankles and knees.  Each  session the pain or reactions are different. My feet hurt and are numb. My hands are numb. Numbness in my hands I have been dealing with since the first chemo session. It just seems the the reaction is a little worse each time. I not complaining mind you (yes I am!), but this is annoying. The pain killers don't seem to be working and the decadron that my doctor has me taken for 3 days after chemo does not help the pain. My doctor stated that it was stronger them ibuprofen, but I'm still in pain.

Today is day five and the pain is less. I do expect to be much better tomorrow (day six).
 Mashallah, it could be worse. I do know how my body is going to reaction to the chemo; I'm still able to go to work. I'm just ready for the chemodays to be over. I have two more to go.

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