Thursday, January 12, 2012



LOL. I never thought that being bald would be such a interesting condition. As a women, you get all caught up in your hair, but I'm finding that baldness is an interesting sensation all of its own. I'm guessing that men may know what I mean. I mean really, do you think of your head/scalp as being sensitive( yah, I know, but that's only when you're combing your hair and you pull on it!). As muslimah, when you go to make wudu, you wipe your hands over you head. You're really touching your hair and not your scalp. I'm finding the feeling interesting when I wipe my hands over my head (from front to back, then back to front). The sensation of the water touching my scalp (never thought about the temperature when making wudu, now I do); Or taking a shower and washing you head. I'm still growing some hair, so the short stubs when I touch my scalp, are soo sensitive. I'm not having any issues with my scalp. Some people when they go bald because of the chemo, the scalp will hurt or they will have other issues. Alhamdulillah for now I'm good. I am so thankful. Allah is merciful.

In soldarity my husband cut his hair.

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