Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Shrukan Allah for this day.

Today was chemoday #2. It went pretty much like Chemoday #1. I tolerated the poison dipping into my veins without complied. You know they give you about 4 drugs prior to the actual chemo drugs, just to make sure you don't throw up or have an allergic reaction.
They gave me a private room which was great. They first put me in a room that had three other people in it. I did not like that. They moved me to a private room when the charge nurse notice that one of my cancer drugs took 3 hours to drip. They reserve private rooms for people that are really, really sick I guess. Anywho, I appreciated the private room. Slept thru most of day. I also had to go out to my doctor's main office which is allll the waaaay on the westside. Personal I like the cancer center at the main campus for the hospital which is closer to home. I can take a bus there. The bus drops me off almost in front of building. Oh well, my doctor is only there sometimes, and I have to see the doctor before I can have the chemo. All in all it was a good day. I will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings but today was not a bad day and all praises are due to  Allah for his mercy.

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  1. JazakAllahhu khairan for sharing! May Allah raise you in levels and may this be a means for you to attain Jannah, Ameen!